Meet Your Instructor

Introducing myself

Hi, my name is Mike McCarthy. Before I became a driving instructor, I spent over 15 years as an Emergency Response Driver with the Metropolitan Police Service. On retirement I decided to become a driving instructor.

During my service I attended many road traffic collisions, that quite frankly didn’t need to happen. This led me to believe that if I could at least coach or instruct people, especially young drivers or new drivers on the virtues of safe driving for life that I could in some small way play a part in making our roads a safer place.

A proud moment

Throughout my career, I’ve achieved small snippets of success and the confidence it gives you is amazing. Learning to drive is very similar in the way that on each driving lesson, you’ll feel that you’re making small successful steps. Soon, these small steps make up one big step which ultimately is you passing your driving test.

Now that you've met me, it's time for me to meet you!

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intensive driving course andover

Congratulations to Ceri who passed her driving test in Salisbury. Well done Ceri and it was a pleasure teaching you.


Huge congratulations to Ellie who passed her driving test with “ZERO” faults. Thank you for choosing Safety First School of Motoring.